Walking the Talk

Today was one of those days. You know the ones where you have lots of time and then suddenly you don’t. I was in the middle of deciding what to wear when I looked at the time and thought “Yikes! I gotta go NOW!”

I grabbed the thing on top of the pile and didn’t take the time to put on socks and walking shoes. Instead, I slipped on my flips flops and hurried out the door.

Now the thing of it is, is that I was on my way to see my chiro for foot/leg/hip issues. I know full well that the flip flops are part of the problem or certainly don’t help.

I started thinking about how my chiro would have been happy to wait those extra few moments it would have taken me to put on socks and shoes. It reminded me of the doctor I had when my girls were little. She told me many times not to worry if ran late because I was feeding a baby or changing a diaper. This was all before texting of course.

And just now, I’m reminded of my surgeon who ate supper first before coming in to attend my ruptured appendix. The nurse said something about hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and I am grateful I was operated on with steady hands not shaky ones!

These are all examples of healthcare professionals walking the talk. As a healthcare professional myself I’m a work in progress ~ aren’t we all?!

Is your team walking the talk? Are they encouraging you even if it’s a slight inconvenience to them?

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