More Chocolate than Groceries in my Cart

I ran to the grocery to get fixings for supper. Simple enough, pork chops, salad, and some potatoes. But after a few aisles I noticed that I had added a fair bit of chocolate!

As an emotional eating coach, instead of chastising myself, I started tuning into my body. Did I need more magnesium? I’m not stressed. As a woman of a certain age, it’s not hormones.

Then it hit me ~ you are hungry!

I knew it too. I was also very tired. So tired I hadn’t factored that in before heading to the store.

I’d eaten a late breakfast which filled me up. Filled me up so much that when I took lunch to my girl, I didn’t take any for myself. Then, before heading to work I had a nap instead of eating anything. And at work I smelled freshly made bread, and all the other bakery goodies my co-worker was whipping up.

I used to do that a lot. Grab all. the. snacks. to eat while cooking supper (dinner). I only occasionally do now, and I’m totally okay with that. Recognizing what’s really going on goes a long way in making more mindful and helpful choices.

I don’t view this as a setback. I see it as an opportunity to see how far I’ve come. And it keeps me humble and relatable!

What do you tend to grab when you are hungry?

2 responses to “More Chocolate than Groceries in my Cart”

  1. Hi Shona! 👋 Good post. I grab dark chocolate walnuts or almonds for a treat. For hunger, I make a small pretty plate of albacore, cheese, chick peas, veggie and/or fruit, guacamole. The end. Heehee

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    1. Yummy! Having things available and prepared is probably half the battle!

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