Monday Morning Coaching

Monday morning, I lay in bed, not wanting to get up. I lay there for a few minutes and started asking myself questions. Why didn’t I want to get up? Well, I needed a shower. Why didn’t I want to have a shower? It was cold, and I didn’t want to be wet and cold. Having a shower in the morning cuts into my morning routine. Plus, my hair would be wet, and I’d have to comb it out before school instead of air-drying it, which I prefer.
Showering after work fits better into my schedule and doesn’t compete with anyone else’s schedule.

Plus, I was tired. So, I reflected back on what had kept me awake. We bought a new mattress, and I am still adjusting to that. I hadn’t had any caffeine the night before. But, as I thought about it, I realized I had quite a bit of chocolate. So, I could take some magnesium before bed to see if it reduced my desire for chocolate and helped me sleep. And Sunday had been a slow day. I hadn’t gotten much movement in.

Before getting out of bed, I had three actionable steps to improve my sleep and, more importantly, my joy. Because who wants to dread Monday mornings?

1: Shower in the middle of the day
2: Take magnesium before bed
3: Get some movement every day.
Then, as I was filling my water bottle, I remembered I had been running low on my preferred electrolyte powder. The flavor I substituted is good, but its dye can affect my sleep.

This is the thought process that I ultimately teach my clients:
First, cut through the layers to find out what is really happening.
Then, make small changes that can be managed and fit your life.
Be aware of any challenges that might come up.
Then, check back in and continue to make adjustments.
Be curious, not judgmental.

My challenges are chiefly remembering!

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  1. Great analysis to get small changes! 👍

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