Recently, our carport collapsed under the weight of the snow and ice. “Josephine” had minimal damage with only a few dings but that’s all. The true miracle is that it didn’t collapse on one of our girls as they walked from their cars to the house. Twenty minutes earlier and my girl might have been sliced in two.

Still, my husband got a case of the Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldas. We knew that the ice and snow were a problem. It was leaning on the one side. We had that niggling feeling we needed to get the ice and snow off and we hoped that it would be warm enough to just melt and slide off on its own. It took time out of a busy schedule to take care of the situation. Time that we hadn’t wanted to spend getting the snow and ice removed to begin with.

The thing is, beating yourself up doesn’t help, rather it leads you away from trusting your intuition. And the next time you get that gut feeling you’re more likely to ignore it yet again. It’s better to think of situations like these as an opportunity to recognize that in the future you can trust your intuition.

Take a breath and take the blessing for a win.

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  1. Great perspective Shona. This teaches me by your example. Your perspective keeps you from being totally frustrated over your lack of control of the carpool falling apart and puts the control in what to do next time (listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompting) and to be grateful about the girls being safe and the car having minimal damage.

    I’m sorry to see this new problem but you got what God was showing you from this trial. That’s the only truly important thing that matters in life. ❤

    I’m so sorry to see this happen to your carport.


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