We all need human touch.

We all need human touch. We need friendship. We need love. We need intimacy.

Our culture/society tries to receive all of these through sex. Sex is not friendship, it is not intimacy, it is not love, and it’s not the human touch we all need.

Granted, all of these can include sex. But without the others, it’s only sex.

The more people try to receive love, friendship, intimacy, and human touch through sex, the more they feel unfulfilled. And then the more deviant and perverse our society becomes.

Trauma breeds trauma. So many people walking wounded.

  • Eating disorders, and disordered eating are trauma responses.
  • Suicide. Depression. Other mental illnesses or mental unwellness.
  • Body mutilations/self-harm.
  • Addictions. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, sex, technology.

I want to be a bridge to better emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. I want to positively influence those around me so that we’re all healing and moving toward healthy relationships with ourselves and with one another.

Who is with me?

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